Learning Analytics – New White Paper Published

The new learning analytics white paper describes the challenges and opportunities of “big learning data” and gives solutions for the systems-based optimisation of training activities. You can download the learning analytics white paper now for free.

Activity Recommendation App

MIRROR – Reflective learning at work

Within the scope of the research project MIRROR, IMC and its research partners are working on solutions which help employees to reflect upon working processes and generate personal learning success. In this regard the Activity Recommendation App is an example for the collaborative optimisation of working processes.


Workplace safety in the transport sector

Freight forwarders, truck drivers and loading staff are exposed to a number of dangers every day when it comes to the loading and unloading of goods and the transportation to their final destinations. Therefore training courses in workplace safety, which are supposed to take place in regular intervals, are obligational for the staff of forwarding companies. The professional association for transport and traffic turned to IMC with the task of producing training films for their member companies and for the employees of these companies.


Omni Cloud – Secure Use of Cloud Storages

Fraunhofer SIT uses IMC’s Smart Show format to explain its new service for the secure storage of data in the cloud.

10tips for the implementation of mobile learning

10 tips for the implementation of Mobile Learning

The mobilisation of the working environment is in full swing. While new technologies and offerings are on the rise, users want them to be easy to use and provide a real benefit for daily business. The mobile website “10 tips for the implementation of Mobile Learning” shows how such offers, especially in the learning environment, should look like.


Why use games for learning?

Entertainment in education (and the reverse) is trending as a topic in the e-learning industry to the point where learning games have long ceased to be graphically unattractive rarities and have lately evolved into intuitive and aesthetic e-learning tools. With the increasing incidence of these tools being used in education, the developmental and design requirements have also increased.

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Trend Guide: How to effectively train your stubborn senior managers – and the risks of not getting it right

Keep on top of learning and IT trends with the new IMC Trend Guide. Part 1 deals with senior manager training in Financial Services. 

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Reading tip Gamification

The popular speaker and educator on employee engagement and engaging management, David Zinger, wrote a “Primer on Gamification for Managers”.

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EMPLOY:ED 2014 – Technology for learning and recruiting at the Google Campus

This year’s EMPLOY:ED Summit taking place on 14 May (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) on Google Campus in London will be exclusively dedicated to further education solutions for employers. Especially Human Resource Directors, Talent Managers as well as Learning and Development Specialists are invited to discover the latest trends, the most innovative solutions and state of the art products and to exchange their views and ideas concerning upcoming trends in the area of Corporate MOOC solutions. Participation is free of charge!

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