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Survey: software training in the enterprise environment

In the context of the “2012 SAP Training Survey”, the Michael Management Corporation interviewed more than 900 SAP professionals about their experiences and estimations concerning the provision of SAP training in the enterprise environment. The key findings are summarized in the following overview.

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From e-learning to m-learning

Download the new mobile learning whitepaper for free

Around 500 million smartphones, 34 million tablets and over 1 billion app downloads in 2011 alone – according to the records of the global mobile communications market. According to the Cisco Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, in 2012 there are likely to be more mobile communication devices in the world than people.

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CLIX Innovation Pack out now!

As announced a couple of weeks before the newest release of the successful Learning and Talent Management System CLIX is available now. CLIX 2012’s Innovation Pack 1 was developed by IMC AG with a close focus on market needs and the customer user experience.

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HR Expo

IMC to Showcase CLIX 2012 at HRINZ Conference in Wellington

IMC AG, along with partner Online Learning Systems, are looking forward to exhibiting at the HRINZ HR Conference on the 9th and 10th of August 2012 in Wellington, New Zealand.

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