All about Microsoft Azure: the benefits of cloud computing

Microsoft Azure has been making a lot of headlines lately. Formerly Windows Azure, the cloud platform has been around since 2010 but in recent years has gone through a series of updates for additional functionality to emerge as the market leader in 2014. No mean feat considering stiff competition from the likes of Google and Amazon.


How to blend formal and informal learning in the workplace

It would be highly unfashionable, in the tech-heady informal learning space of 2014/2015, for L&D directors to admit to an agenda of purely formal classroom/online training for their organisation. But while you wouldn’t want to put your hand up to taking the old-fashioned approach, how many of us are actually already blending elements of formal and informal learning successfully in our workplaces? We might not even really understand what that means, or how to get there.


Learning-on-the-job: how companies and learners can benefit from a strategy of informal learning

Carl Ransom Rogers, an influential American psychologist and one of the early founders of the student-centred approach to learning, sums up informal learning beautifully:

“I want to talk about learning. But not the lifeless, sterile, futile, quickly forgotten stuff that is crammed into the mind of the poor helpless individual tied into his seat by ironclad bonds of conformity!

Mindfulness Graphic

3 Ways Mindfulness Will Transform Your eLearning

2014, the year of Mindfulness, right? Our attention spans are shrinking, in fact, the adult average is now lower than that of a goldfish. Couple that with our average daily information intake of over 170 newspapers, it’s no wonder we struggle to pay attention to eLearning!


NEW MOOC: Reduce compliance failings with this FREE e-learning approach

With the enactment of the Financial Services Act 2012, the UK regulatory landscape changed dramatically. A tougher supervisory approach as a result of the financial crisis saw the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) levy almost £500 million of fines in its first year of operation. An increasing number of these fines were aimed at individuals, at a total of £3.6 million.



Learning Analytics – New White Paper Published

The new learning analytics white paper describes the challenges and opportunities of “big learning data” and gives solutions for the systems-based optimisation of training activities. You can download the learning analytics white paper now for free.

Activity Recommendation App

MIRROR – Reflective learning at work

Within the scope of the research project MIRROR, IMC and its research partners are working on solutions which help employees to reflect upon working processes and generate personal learning success. In this regard the Activity Recommendation App is an example for the collaborative optimisation of working processes.


Workplace safety in the transport sector

Freight forwarders, truck drivers and loading staff are exposed to a number of dangers every day when it comes to the loading and unloading of goods and the transportation to their final destinations. Therefore training courses in workplace safety, which are supposed to take place in regular intervals, are obligational for the staff of forwarding companies. The professional association for transport and traffic turned to IMC with the task of producing training films for their member companies and for the employees of these companies.


Omni Cloud – Secure Use of Cloud Storages

Fraunhofer SIT uses IMC’s Smart Show format to explain its new service for the secure storage of data in the cloud.

10tips for the implementation of mobile learning

10 tips for the implementation of Mobile Learning

The mobilisation of the working environment is in full swing. While new technologies and offerings are on the rise, users want them to be easy to use and provide a real benefit for daily business. The mobile website “10 tips for the implementation of Mobile Learning” shows how such offers, especially in the learning environment, should look like.


IMC Trend Guide: Learn your Data Protection lessons through industry fines – without paying a penny!

A new survey has shown that fines issued against organisations for compliance failures of the data protection law also encourage other organisations to improve their policies and processes as well as significantly improve their training procedures to meet data protection compliance.

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Why use games for learning?

Entertainment in education (and the reverse) is trending as a topic in the e-learning industry to the point where learning games have long ceased to be graphically unattractive rarities and have lately evolved into intuitive and aesthetic e-learning tools. With the increasing incidence of these tools being used in education, the developmental and design requirements have also increased.

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IMC Trend Guide: How to effectively train your stubborn senior managers – and the risks of not getting it right

Keep on top of learning and IT trends with the new IMC Trend Guide. Part 1 deals with senior manager training in Financial Services. 

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Reading tip Gamification

The popular speaker and educator on employee engagement and engaging management, David Zinger, wrote a “Primer on Gamification for Managers”.

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